Dharmendra Pradhan says, CM is boasting about women dignity without knowing at all about the issue, little girls are facing in Odisha.


BHUBANESWAR: A minor school girl in the tribal area of Odisha gave birth to a girl child, as reported on Sunday. The new mother is a class-viii student of a tribal residential school in the Daringbadi area of Kandhamal district that happens to have hosted quite a few such reports earlier. To make the event more inhumane, the new mother with her child was driven into the nearby forest after the delivery happened in the hostel bathroom.

Police had arrested a youth in connection with the incident as the district administration rushed to action by firing six and suspending one, the warden. The district administration has suggested the Government of Odisha act against the Headmistress of the School. There were strong aggressive reactions from the local residents after the news broke.

According to local police, the girl had become a rape victim some 8 months before.

SC/ST Development Minister Ramesh Majhi said that inquiry orders into the matter had been served to the Kandhamal Collector.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, on the issue, has sought an answer from the Naveen government “why did the administration fail to follow the rule” of conducting regular health check-up in the tribal residential schools for timely detection of teenage pregnancy.

Raising vexing questions on the women dignity in the Naveen dispensation, the Union Minister said that the CM was boasting about women dignity without knowing at all about the issue, little girls are facing in Odisha.

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Tribal communities have been the most vulnerable and worst victims of crime against women, the Minister tweets.

In July 2017, a report of an 11-year girl’s childbirth in a state-run tribal residential school in Malkanagiri had come out. There was a similar case of a Class-VI girl’s delivery in another such school in Koraput in February 2015.

In January 2015, a Class X student of a residential school at G. Udaygiri block in Kandhamal district gave birth to a boy in the school’s hostel.

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