Peacock death incident: Swab samples sent to Bhopal for clue

Utkal Reporter
Bhubaneswar|9 Dec 2015

Departments concerning bird life have jumped to promptness after the mysterious death of peacocks; the national bird in Khordha jungle rocked the state on Tuesday.

On Wednesday a day after the incident special teams from Odisha Veterinary, Odisha University Agriculture and Technology and forest department reached the spot in Madhupur forest for ground investigation.

They have collected swab samples of an affected peacock from there. Besides samples of soil water and food residue have also been collected from the place of incident.

The team has also collected swab samples of some hens and herons from the nearby villages.

The samples have been air lifted to Bhopal for avian influenza test in the High Security Animal Disease Diagnostic laboratory there.

The report is expected to come in three days.
Twenty peacocks along with three other birds were found dead near a pond in the Madhupur jungle in Khordha on Tuesday to mark a stunning event in the state.

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