Odisha Political parties to move together on the Mahanadi water issue.


Bhubaneswar: In the fight for right in the Mahanadi water it is going to be a combined move of all political parties in Odisha. .The latest development on Thursday can be an indication.

Legislators of all political parties sat together in the chamber of Pradip Amat, the speaker of Odisha Assembly on the emeging issue of Odisha with Chhatisgarh over Mahanadi water. They agreed upon to constitute a House Committee that would take care of strategy how to take on the issue.

Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik, after the meeting appeared before the media announcing that a House Committee would be formed and also added that they would hold discussions with leaders of other political parties to talk of future strategies.

This of course is a newly developed attitude in Biju Janata Dal ( BJD) that is in power in Odisha. The party has been more than just reluctant to share space with others in the fight for Mahanadi water. Suggestions for taking all parties together on the Mahanadi Water issue by the opposition had not got Naveen’s endorsement.

BJD preferred to go alone with all sorts of moments over the issue in odisha and inDelhi till the new circumstance came up in the wake of the center’s rejection bid to the Mahanadi Tribunal on Wednesday.

On Thursday all political parties rocked the assembly over the center’s affidavit against Mahanadi tribunal that gradually led the way to the all party meeting at 5PM under the chairmanship of the Speaker. There came up the suggestion for constituting a house committee on the Mahanadi issue.

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One can hope for coordinated fight, but BJP President Basant Panda has expressed his disenchantment on a part of Naveen’s statement that says “be assured that the BJD will fight for the interest of the people of Odisha, particularly its farmers.” He was quick to interpret the statement as BJD’s attempt to take away the credit for itself.

Mr Naveen Pattnaik’s statement on the house committee reads, “We have decided that a House Committee will be formed. What the Central government has done in the Supreme Court yesterday suggests that they are no longer a neutral referee in this matter. So we will have further discussions with leaders of other parties to think of future strategies but be assured that the BJD will fight for the interest of the people of Odisha, particularly its farmers.”







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