Odisha Police Bill Passed in the assembly in the absence of the oposition

Utkal Reporter
Bhubaneswar|27 Aug 2015
Odisha police
Odisha Assembly on August 27 has passed the Odisha Police Bill-2015 that will provide greater functional autonomy to police. The Bill that got passed un-debated in the absence of the opposition in the house provides a protective net for the police system against political and other interferences. There will be a State Police Security Commission, a State Police Complaint Authority and Police establishment Boards under the new legislation.

The assignments of crime investigation will be endowed with a separate unit that would be free from law and order and other such policing responsibilities like traffic management, VIP escorts etc to ensure speedy progress of investigations.
As per the new act Odisha Special Armed Police Unit will be formed with armed police reserves at the district level. The unit will share the task with the police force in the time of law and order crises and natural calamities.

The Bill is to replace the 154 year old Police Act 1961 and also the Odisha State Armed Police Act-1946.

As per the new provision the DGP will get an un-interfered term of minimum two years at the top of the organization. Other police functionaries like IG, SP and IIC will also be assured of at least two years in a single posting. However they are not immune to criminal taints.

A State Police Security Commission will be formed with the Chief Minister being its Chairman. The Home Minister along with a member of the Human Right Commission will be members of the Commission. The Chief Secretary, Home Secretary and the DGP will also be in the commission. Two civilians with proven reputation will also be there in the commission as members.

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The commission is to see that there is an efficient, affective, responsive and accountable police system in the state by framing policy guidelines and by providing advice and suggestion to the government while it functions with the police.
The new act has provision for establishment of a police complaint authority that will look into complaint of grave misconduct against officers in the rank of SP and above.

Police establishment boards will be established under the act to see the transfer and posting of police officials. DGP will be the chief of the board at the state level while SPs will head the boards at district level,

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