Odisha government revises its power cut plan.

Utkal Reporter Bureau
Bhubaneswar| 16 Sept 2015

Pranab Prakash Das

Odisha government revised its power cut plan.

“Power cut will continue till October only” said Odisha power Minister Pranab Prakash Das on Tuesday just three days after he had announced power cut in the state till June next year. The announcement was tagged as “irresponsible and outrageous” by BJP.

Only in three days time the Minister found “situation in the state improving” in power sector on which he had said that there was no other way but to continue power cut. And, that was till June next year!

Mr.Das has said, “We have been lining up at least three thermal power stations which may provide required electricity,” and raised hope that condition would improve further by Durga Puja in October. “Duration of power cut has been reduced” added the Minister.

Water deficit in reservoirs and increase in power consumption are the two factors that the Energy Minister had presented as the main reasons that compelled the government to go for load shedding. Mr. Das had said that Odisha grid had been getting 500MW to 700MW of power less than the required power. According to the Minister; power demand in the peak hour has gone up to 4100 MW.

But the opposition was just reluctant to be convinced with the state government’s cited reasons for power cut. For BJP the presented power crisis in the state was “man-made”. Under a tacit understanding Naveen government is leaving the Power Companies to sale out power outside Odisha denying the state of its share.
Odisha Pradesh Congress too made a scathing attack on the government. Its President Prasad Harichandan raised questions to perforate the state government’s brag on Industrialisation.
There has been no visible change in the conditions of power generation in the last three days but Energy Minister could see improvements there, right enough to make it the basis of his new announcement.

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In fact with the minister’s fresh announcement the people of Odisha are no way going to be relieved of the ongoing daily black out immediately but it let them to bear with it since the situation is made subject to revision in next month not next year.

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