Naveen Pattnaik can’t hide his face from his accountability by blaming the center, says Dharmendra Pradhan.


Bhubaneswar: Here came the response from Dharmendra Pradhan, the Petroleum Minister in the Central Government. He said,” Naveen Pattnaik can’t hide his face from his accountability by loading blame on the center to conceal his own inefficiency and inertness.”

On Sunday, Naveen Patnaik the head of BJD and the Government had attacked the national parties with a slew of charges – destroying the federal structure of the country, working for their own interest and neglecting Odisha.

He had also blamed, with an obvious reference to the NDA government at the center, that they were projecting fake picture of development and misleading the people.

On Monday, Dharmendra Pradhan the face of BJP in Odisha countered the charges from his twitter pad

He questioned if it was a fake picture of development that 86 lakh families in Odisha were incorporated under food security act against the 42% it was earlier.

He said, annual fund allocation in the Rail-Budget had never crossed Rs 1000 crore during the UPA regime and asked,”is the provision of Rs 5100 crore in this year’s rail-budge is party interest?”

“Is it not in the knowledge of the Chief Minister?” wanted to know the central Minister,” that 4800 km of National Highway has been sanctioned in the three years of the Modi-government where as there were 4700 km of National Highway till date since independence.”

in his twitter post he noted, monetary help for the Housing schemes for the poor has been increased to  Rs 1.2 lakh from Rs 70 thousand; 16.50 lakh women have been provided with free gas-connection; LPG consumers, by October 2017 counts 52 lakh from 20.72 lakh till June 2014, and questioned if all these were the fake pictures  of development.


He further added that Modi- Government has made Odisha the laboratory of the welfare programmes for the poors.




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