Naveen government adopts 7th pay commission’s proposal for its employees before Puja.

Utkal Reporter Bureau

Bhubaneswar|30 August 2017

Odisha government has implemented the recomendations of the 7th central pay commission.

CM Naveen Pattnaik made the announcement on Tuesday, at the onset of the festive season to the joy of eight lakh employees and pensoners of the state.

He said,” “My government has decided to implement the recommendations of the committee constituted for examination of 7th Central Pay Commission report and its adoption for the state government employees,”

The revised emolument on the basis of the recomendations will be effective retrospectively from January 1, 2016. Nearly 4.5lakh state employees and 3.5 lakh pensoners will be benifitted. They will get the increased salary and penson from those of the September month.

As per the new formula it would be 14.5 percent increase in the basic pay of an employee that would lead to 23 percent increase in his overall salary. However, details of the pay structure will come out in next two or three days.

The state exchequer will have an additional pressure of Rs 4500 Cr annually to meet the demand on the salary and penson head.   Besides the financial hardship, the government decided to implement the 7th pay commission recomendatios for its employees, said finance Minance Minister Sashi Bhusan Behera.

Odisha government had constituted a fitment committee to examine the 7TH pay commission’s report, after examination the committee gave its suggestion to the state government which has been accepted.





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