Day-two of the assembly in the Monsoon session could withstand just for Nine minutes

Utkal Reporter Bureau
Bhubaneswar|20 August 2015
The second day of the monsoon session of the Odisha assembly on Wednesday gave in to the uproarious demonstrations. The house could withstand the raucous members just for nine minutes in four installments virtually observing no business except the tabling of the land grab bill before the final suspension of the day’s work came at 4.06PM after four adjournments.
Members of congress, the opposition were on the high pitch demanding a debate on Prakash Mishra case while the ruling party pitched themselves in competition with the opposition on the central negligence topic.

Congress claims that Naveen Pattnaik has lost the moral right to lead the government in the wake of the adverse remark from the High Court on the government in the case of Ex-DGP Odisha Prakash Mishra and the subsequent retention of the remark by the apex Court.

On the other hand the ruling Biju Janata Dal picked elements of central negligence for themselves to make shout from the event of PM Modi’s recent announcement of package of Rs1.5 lac Crore for Bihar. They hold that assembly is the right stage for them to make their voice heard in the center on the issue.

The house for day- 2 of the monsoon session opened at 10.30 AM and in a minute the members of the congress were seen in the well with vociferous sound and placards in their hand against the government. They were demanding resignation of the CM. in no time huge sound came from the treasure bench too compelling Niranjan Pujari the Speaker to suspend the house till 12.30. The session resumed at 12.30 only to be re-adjourned in a minute till 3.30 in the afternoon. It further extended for another half an hour and the house sat at 4.02 PM and could last for just 4 minutes before the speaker adjourned it for the day.

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However midst the pandemonium Parliament affairs Minister Bikram Keshari Arukh presented the Odisha land grabbing Prohibition Bill on behalf of Revenue Minister Bijayshree Routray.

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