Chit fund ghost continues to consume legislative days in Odisha assembly.

Bhubaneswar| 6 May 2016
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A series of adjournments on Friday, it was just to mark another unproductive day in the ongoing budget session of the Odisha assembly. The speaker sat with the leaders of all parties all through the day to see the house be on business but in vain. However his ability and integrity to run the house met with question marks from various sections surprisingly one is from the ruling party.

The house for the day’s business opened at 10.30AM on Friday but could only withstand the ruckus demand of the Chief Minister’s resignation just for a minute before the speaker announced the first adjournment of the day. Subsequently came five more adjournment announcements and the final one for the day came at 5.30 PM. The treasury bench was in a sedate mode today. Its members had yielded from attacking the leader of opposition that had contributed immensely to damage the proceedings of the house in the previous two days.

Speaker Niranjan Pujari stayed engaged the entire day from 11.40 AM with leaders of all parties to settle the house for business but it remained inconclusive.

Damodar Rout the Minister in Naveen’s cabinet has said it was a failure in the part of the speaker to run the house. He has questioned the speaker’s integrity on this.

The post recess phase of the budget session, from the onset was ominous as the chit fund ghost had reappeared riding food and supply Minister Sanjay Dasburma just before the house resumed on May 26. Sanjay Dasburama was caught in an allegation that he had bought a pajero vehicle with chitfund money. The issue was about to recede when Justice MM Das the head of the Chit fund enquiry Committee emerged to revive the ghost with his controversial participation and statement in a BJD programme. The issue prompted the opposition to seek Chief Minister’s statement on this. With the CM resorting unresponsive the opposition have intensified their aggression and are claiming his resignation.

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