BJP, are you not a bit more harsh on BJD, the birthday boy with these quizzes?

By-Prasant kumar Pradhan

Bhubaneswar: BJD is turning 21 today.The birthday boy is up about the celebration. Here the last thing he would ever like to encounter now is you grill about what he did all those 20 years!  You BJP did that, without having the slightest compunction! The big black placards with red inscriptions you hold before the birthday boy only to frighten him.

How come you put all those tough 20 questions for him on this occasion? It is days on the finger tips since you have pitted those series of questions when he went out to the people. Are you not done yet? Ofcorse, BJD is the brightest student in the school of Odisha politics. His report card is the testimony. It did top in five successive term end tests.117 out of 147!  No, please don’t complain malpractice. You can’t prove that. So don’t you think the questions you put are really tough? You are asking the questions from the very topics those he skipped as a part of his test preparation plan. Subjective type questions from health, education and agriculture are not mark fetching. So he get down to the objective type questions like doling out rice, bi-cycle, umbrella and all the whole lots for good score.

After all 20 years in peak of the form is not a small thing. Who else other than you can understand it better? Did not you see it in Gujurat? One Rahul with three rookies made your grand army bite soil there. Thank Modi you somehow managed to save your face there. So BJD feeling the heat before the 2019 test is nothing uncommon, particular after the ones on the rural turf only few months back. The giant figures like Modi, Saha, and now the UP Yogi and so on are additional nervous contributors.

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You wanted to know about the fate of the chit-fund victims, you wanted to know about the mines scam, you questioned about the 44000 missing teachers, the missing doctors. Farmers’ suicide and irrigation too are in your questions. But which of the questions was not there in the previous tests? He carefully ducked those and finished at the top only with his prepared answers!

Then, parts of answers of some questions are with you after all.  So, don’t you feel it suit you to put these questions on hold for another occasion? Be sure he can’t walk away with these questions unanswered in 2019 unless you give him the options to do so.



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