The power distribution company of Odisha, CESU, on Thursday warned that it is going to stop power supply to non-payers. It said it has no option but to disconnect if people continue to default on their dues. 

The Company asked the consumers to pay their dues in the next seven days before it goes for the disconnect -drive from January 16.  There are 11397 villages in the CESU scanner at present. As per the CESU information, it had issued notice to 8.9 lakh consumers -8.3 lakh domestic, 59,190 commercial consumers. There are 73,000 government consumers also on the list.

Arun Bothra, CEO of CESU, addressing the media in this connection, said 1.1 lakh consumers had cleared their dues; as a result, the agency had received Rs 21 crore. The Company is still to get Rs 1971 crore of bill payment. And, 5.9 lakh defaulters are yet to respond.

Mr. Bothra said that they did not want to cut the power, but they have no other option if people continue to default their dues. He affirmed the company’s plan to go ahead with the disconnection drive from January 16.

He, however, said that the consumers could avail installment plans to clear their arrears. A consumer having dues under Rs 25,000 can opt for three installments of payment after paying 30% of his outstanding. One, having the dues between Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000, can avail 4 installments of payment with a 30% down payment.

For consumers having arrears of more than Rs 50,000, they can pay30% in the form of down payment and the rest amount in six installments.

Several government departments owe Rs 64 crore to CESU, the state government has assured to clear the pending bill by 31 March 2020.

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