we should undertake a resolve to contribute something positive for our nation like Lord Rama. said Modi on Dussehra

Utkal Reporter|30 September 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the occasion of Dussehra called the people of India to contribute somethiing positive for the nation so that they can create a nation of the dreams of their freedom fighters, by 2022.

Addressing the Dussehra celebration today at Madhav Park in Red fort New Delhi PM Modi said,” On this Vijayadashami, let us take a pledge that we would contribute something positively for our nation in the run up to 2022, when we celebrate 75th year of our Independence.”

He said that Lord Ram by virtue of his determination and resolves could create a collective strength of all cross sections of the society that led him to victory in Sri Lanka.” We should resolve like Lord Ram.” said the PM.

He said,for thousands of years the epics of Lord Ram and Lord Krisna have been the sources of our inspiration and have been awakening us.

Dussehra is a commemorating celebration observed to mark Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana the king of demons in Sri Lanka.People on Vijaydashmi there is a tradition of burning the effigy of Ravana, the symbol of evil force.

PM Modi said,” as a responsible citizen, it is our bounden duty to ward off the evil forces and the society has to keep the momentum on to raise the awareness in this regard.”

Festivals in a way, said the PM ”are the reflection of our social values and a learning for the society.”

Each festival carries forward the tradition of showcasing our collective strength, to raise the sensitivity towards our social responsibilities and to keep on working tirelessly towards doing away with the social evils, said Mr Modi.

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