The Morbi bridge disaster shocks PM Modi that he describes such a pain he rarely experienced in his life.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is deeply pained at the causalities in the Morbi-hanging bridge collapse in Gujarat. The pain that he described he had rarely experienced in his life.

He said, “I am in Ekta Nagar, but my mind is with the victims of Morbi. Rarely would I have experienced such pain in my life.” and assured thorough rescue and relief operations.

Mr. Prime Minister was addressing the public at Kevadiya on the occasion of National Unity day.

“In this hour of grief, Govt is with the bereaved families in every manner. Gujarat Govt has been carrying out relief and rescue operations since yesterday. Centre too is extending all help to the State Govt” said Prime Minster Modi as he condoled with the bereaved families.

On Monday, a foot-hanging bridge over the Machchu River in Morbi Gujarat gave way leading to 134 deaths and many more injured.

The bridge was reopened on Thursday during the Diwali festival after 7 months of repair work only to give in to the traffic load on that day.

There were more than 400 people on the bridge when it collapsed. Hundred thirty-four bodies have been recovered till now.

Rescue teams of NDRF, SDRF, Army and Garud Commandoes are there in the search and rescue operation.

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