The farm laws are to benefit farmers throughout the country; Govt. points it to dismiss the farm-law repeal demand.

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The 8th round of talk between the farmer unions and the government also failed to produce anything except a date for the next meeting. The farmers refused to budge on their demand to repeal the farm law. However, the government had expressed its readiness to consider an amendment.

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, who was heading the government side, said that the law was for the benefit of the farmers throughout the Country. He told it to the members of the 41 agitating unions who are mostly from Punjab, Haryana, and Western UP.  The government has been claiming that there are hundreds of other farmer unions who have extended their support for the farm law. It is the government’s point to argue why it can’t agree to repeal the law entirely. However, Mr. Tomar said that they were ready to find a logical solution through pointwise assessment. The farmers did not agree with it.

As no solution emerged, they decided to meet again on 15TH January.

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