PM Modi reaches out the People of Jammu and Kashmir to allay their concerns in the post-370 system

Aug 9: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a reaching out efforts to the people of Jammu-Kashmir, and Ladakh promised them due rights and development in the post-370 system.

Three days after, his government stripped the special status of Jammu- Kashmir through amending article 370 of the constitution, Mr. Modi was addressing to the nation on Thursday. He said, after removal of the flaw (Article-370 and 35A) in the system, the people of Jammu-Kashmir will not only have a better present but also have a bright future.

He said, “Article 370 and 35 A has given nothing but secessionism, nepotism and widespread corruption on a large scale to Jammu-Kashmir.” And, added that Pakistan has used both the articles to flare up emotions of some people that resulted in the killing of 42 thousand people in the last three decades.   The PM made a slew of employment- promises in government, tourism and industrial sector as he conveyed the people of             India, “that the concerns of Jammu- Kashmir and Ladakh are our collective concerns. These are the concerns of 130 crore citizens. We are not indifferent to their happiness or sorrow and sufferings.”

He appealed the film Industries and other investors to invest in Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh.

He said that the article 370 and 35A was preventing many Indian laws in Jammu- Kashmir thereby depriving the people thereof many rights and benefits. He said Children of Jammu and Kashmir don’t come under the right to education; the daughters of Jammu and Kashmir don’t have rights as the daughters of the rest of India enjoy; Act for Safai Karmachari is not applicable there; there is no provision of political reservation for STs. “Following the abrogation of the Article 370 and 35-A, Jammu and Kashmir will come out of their negative effects.”, said Mr. Modi.

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The PM also said, “This decision will help in economic development of Jammu – Kashmir and Laddakh along with the entire country. When peace and prosperity prevails in this important part of the globe, the efforts for peace in entire world will be naturally strengthened.”

PM Modi also spoke on Eid. He promised the people of Jammu and Kashmir that government would take all care to see people won’t face problem while observing Eid.

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