Petrol price comes down for the third time in August

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petrol-price-iol-oilPetrol price, from Saturday midnight, came down. It is now cheaper by Rs 1.82 in Delhi and Rs1.91 in Mumbai. In Kolkata the fuel price reduced by Rs1.89 and Rs1.92 in Chennai on the basis of VAT or sales tax in the respective states. However in compliance with the trend Diesel price rode up by 50 paisa.
The recent decline in crude oil price warranted the domestic oil companies to comply with it. Oil companies brought the petrol price down by Rs 1.51 and the respective state’s levies add up to it to reach the net reduction. This is the third down ward revision in petro price in a moth.
Unsubsidized domestic gas cylinder will cost the consumer lesser by Rs 19. A 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder will cost nowRs901 instead of Rs 920 as it was previously

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