Opposition lying on CAA to lead riot says India’s Home Minister Amit Shaha

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Union Home Minister Amit Shaha, on Friday, reiterated that the CAA was not the Act that could revoke anyone’s citizenship in India. And, he blamed the political adversaries of instigating riot by spreading lies on the Act.

Mr.  Shaha was addressing a public rally in Bhubaneswar on Friday that happened to be the first public statement by the Home Minister on CAA after the Delhi riot that claimed 42 lives and left several injured.

Amit Shaha said, “The people from Congress, Communist, SP, BSP and Mamata Didi are opposing CAA saying minorities will lose their citizenship. They are spreading lies and instigating riots. ” They are doing that despite the PM’s repeated assurance that no Indian Citizen is going to be affected by the CAA, he added. He further said, “I have stated this on the floor of parliament, yet they are misleading people.” As he continued, “people of India should come forward asking them which one is the clause in the CAA that revokes citizenship.”

CAA riot in Delhi

CAA is about giving citizenship, not about taking citizenship, the Home Minister reiterated, and asserted that no minority of India would lose his citizenship through the CAA.

The BJP government in the center has amended the Act in Indian Citizenship to adopt religiously persecuted minority refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan in India as its citizens. Muslims from these stipulated countries are not part of the beneficiaries under the Act, thus giving rise to controversy and leading to protests across the country- some are violent.

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The country witnessed violence, arson and firing across the country, but Delhi experienced the worst riot in recent times as the anti- CAA and pro-CAA clashed on February 24 and the following two days. As many as 42 persons, including one policeman and on IB official, died; hundreds are injured in the riot. Commercial and residential buildings, educational institutions were burned and destroyed in the mayhem.

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