Odia girl Bhagyashree finds place in Modi’s Maan Ki Baat. .

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For Bhagyashree Sahu, it must be a memorable moment, so is for Odisha.  The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi mentioned the Odia girl’s name in his monthly radio program on January 31. He appreciated Bhagyashree for the novelty she introduced to make an Odisha art form popular.

Bhagyashree Sahu is an engineering student from Rourkela, Odisha. Yet, she tried her hand in Pattachitra successfully. Pattachitra is a traditional form of painting on clothes in Odisha, but Bhagyashree experimented the painting on soft stones and glasses. She made the paintings and started gifting those to her friends, said the Prime Minister. He said, “On the birth anniversary of Subhash Babu, Bhagyashree paid him a unique tribute done on stone.” and gave his best wishes to the girl for her endeavors.

Narendra Modi features his Maan Ki Baat radio program by recognizing the efforts of ordinary people in different sides of life.

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