Modi arrives in tokyo for the real business

Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi and his japanese counter part Shinzo Abey
Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi and his japanese counter part Shinzo Abey
Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Tokyo late in the Sunday after two days staying in Kyoto, the first leg of his five day sojourn in Japan. Sri Modi will meet his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe on monday for a bilateral summit level meeting that will strengthen the security and economic relations between the two countries.
Subjects on defense, civil nuclear and infrastructural development are expected to figure prominently in the discussion between the two premiers of the two oldest democracies in Asia. Narendra Modi expressing his confidence in the meeting describes that it will “write new chapter” in the annals of relations between India and Japan. It will take the bilateral and global partnership to the next higher level.” Said the Indian Prime Minister.
For Narandra Modi his arrival at Kyoto on Saturday was marked by a precedent personal receive by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the airport followed by a state banquet. On the first he witnessed the signing of Kasi-Kyoto pact by signed by Indian Ambassador Deepa Wadhwa and Kyoto Mayor Kadokawa.
Modi’s second day began with his visiting and offering oblation at the Toji Temple which is inspired by the trinity Brahma,Vishu and Maheswar in the Hindu philosophy.He also visited Kinkakujii Budhist temple the Japanese premier was accompanying Modi in his visit.
The Prime Minister visited CiRA – Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, at Kyoto University. He interacted with the Center’s Director, Mr. Shinya Yamanaka. The Prime Minister expressed concern over the prevalence of sickle cell anaemia, especially among tribal communities across India. He urged Mr. Yamanaka to work towards a cure for this. Mr. Yamanaka said that there are currently no Indian researchers at his institute, and he would like Indian scientists to conduct research at the institute

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