As the clean- India is developing as a mass movement in India; Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched it on the UN platform as global inspiration. He said that providing 110 million toilets to its people by a developing country like India is inspirational for the world. To it, he added the massive health cover to 500 million Indians and banking cover to 370 million and said that India’s developmental endeavors are beneficial for the world.

The Prime Minister was addressing to the United Nations General Assembly on 27th September on the theme “Galvanizing multilateral efforts for poverty eradication, quality education, climate action, and inclusion”.

“Indian Culture”, said the Prime Minister, “sees divinity in all and strive for inclusive welfare for all.”

“Therefore, the very core of our approach is public welfare through public participation and this public welfare is not just for India but for the entire world.”

He acknowledged the single-use-plastic ban wish of the UN and noted India is going to implement it on large scale to make it free of single-use plastic.

The Prime Minister underlined India’s role in addressing the issue of global warming even though India’s per capita emission is very low. And, noted that India has initiated the formation of the “Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure” (CDRI) to build infrastructure which can withstand natural disasters. Global warming makes natural disasters aggravating.

On terrorism, Prime Minister Modi appealed the world to stand united. “The lack of unanimity amongst us on the issue of terrorism dents those very principles that are the basis for the creation of the UN”, noted PM Modi. He said that terrorism is one of the biggest challenges for humanity that is why India which has given Budha to the world raises voice against it with seriousness.

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