Know Agnipath the new Armed force recruitment scheme.

Key points

  • A transformative reform of recruitment policy of the Armed Forces.
  • A unique opportunity to the youth to serve the country and contribute to Nation Building.
  • Armed Forces profile to be youthful and dynamic.
  • Attractive financial package for the Agniveers.
  • Opportunity for Agniveers to train in the best institutions and enhance their skills & qualifications.
  • Availability of well disciplined and skilled youth with military ethos in civil society.
  • Adequate re-employment opportunities for those returning to society and who could emerge as role models for the youth.

The Indian government has introduced a scheme called Agnipath, a reform in the armed force recruitment. With This “transformative” initiative, the Indian armed force will get a more youthful, dynamic, and tech-savvy profile claims the government.

The soldiers under Agnipath will be named Agniveers. They will have a distinct rank. Rs 40000 monthly package with risk and hardship allowances and one-time Seva Nidhi package ofRs 11.7lakh on term-end are the remunerative aspects of an Agniveer.

A free life insurance cover for the service period is also part of the package. Service tenure will be of 4 years. After the term completion, he can apply for a regular enrolment in the forces.

The recruitment process of Jawans under the new system will start through rallies and campus interviews from recognized technical institutes in 90 days. Youths-  boys and girls between 17.5 and 21 years of age with educational qualification of 10th standard and requisite medical fitness can tender for Agniveer.

This is a major defence policy reform introduced by the Government to usher in a new era in the Human Resource policy of the three Services, claims the government. “The scheme will lead to much more youthful and technically adept war fighting force by ensuring a fine balance between youthful and experienced personnel in the Armed Forces.”

See also  Ministry of Education is designing Bachelor Degree Course for Agniveers, Other Ministries are also coming forward with their plans.

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