India’s FDI inflow sees 62 percent growth in 21-22 FYQ1

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Government's FDI reforms paying off

BHUBANESWAR: India’s reforming FDI policy, steps to encourage investment, and easing conditions for doing business are showing results.

India has earned 62 percent more FDI in the first four months of the 2021-22 financial- year compared to the same period last year. Similarly, the FDI equity gain registered a 112 percent increase during the same span.

The continuing increase in FDI inflow indicates that India is establishing itself as a preferred destination for global investors. The reforms brought about in the FDI policy by the Indian government have earned it the status, claims a government statement yesterday. It further states that the government has been facilitating investment and ease of doing business in India that is paying off.

As per a release by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India has earned 27.37 billion USD of FDI in the first quarter of the 21-22 financial year. It was 16.92 billion USD during the corresponding period last year. In terms of FDI equity inflow, it was 9.61billion USD in the first quarter of the previous financial year which has increased to 20.41billion USD.

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