India crosses 50 lakh line in Covid-19 cases

India’s cases of Covid19 crossed 50 lakh. It is 5020359, as the government updated the figure at 8.30 AM today. As many as 90123 new cases added up to the total in the last 24 hours. Since Sept 1, India saw 8 days with more than 90 thousand cases, and 14 with above 80,000. Thus, it added nearly 14 lakh cases in the sixteen days of unlock-4.

With 5020439, India stands second after America in the world in terms of Corona caseload. And, its per-day case rise is the highest now.

In the day’s total cases, Maharashtra has 20482. It comprises 22.48 percent. Andhra Pradesh comes second with 8846, which is 9.71 percent of the total. However, the South Indian state is witnessing a bit slowdown in daily case spike. It used to be above 10,000 till five days back. Karnataka contributed 7576 and Uttar Pradesh 6841. With 5697 cases today, Tamil Nadu shares 6.25 percent of the total, at number 5. The top five states bear 54.27 percent.

Delhi seems to witness a spurt in cases again.  The capital state recorded as many as 4263 new cases in 24 hours. Odisha continues to add big numbers. It found 3645 new Covid-19 cases in today.

Chhatisgarh, West Bengal, and Kerala are the other three states those had more than 3000 cases in 24 hours.

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