How did India’s Covid numbers change in October

At the end of this month today, India’s caseload of active Covid patients counts 5.83 lakh. The number is the lowest since August 4, the highest being 10.17lakh on September 18. Since then, the number is consistently decreasing. In October, it reduced by more than 3lakh.

So, October saw 22 lakh 45 thousand Covid patients recovered against 19 lakh 11 thousand new cases added. The figures drove India’s recovery rate to 91.34percent and only 7.16 percent active. However, 24144 patients died in this month. Yet, the overall Covid fatality has dropped to 1.49 percent.

India began the month with 63 lakh reported Covid- positives, by the end of the month the number crossed 81 lakh, an increase of 19 lakh, above 30 percent. The monthly rise in the reported case was 26 lakh in September, which was 71 percent. August and July saw a higher rate of infection. It was as high as 120 and 189 percent in August and July respectively.

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