Find the list of 170 covid-19 hotspot districts in India

As a part of the COVID-19 management plan, the Union Health Ministry has marked 170 Hotspot districts in India. These districts, for high intensity and growth rate of COVID-19, fall in the red-zone. There are 207 non-Hotspot districts or orange-zone districts in the country, as per the categorization. Districts, with no COVID-19 footfall in the last 28 days, are green zone districts.

The Health Ministry has designed zone-specific strategies to prevent, contain and manage the COVID-19 menace in the second phase of the lockdown in India. Rapid COVID-19 spread in India has compelled the government to go for the second phase of lockdown till May 3.

In his daily presser, Joint Health Secretary Lav Agrawal, on Wednesday –the first day of the second phase of the lockdown, had briefed about the strategy to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.

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