FIGHT AGAINST COVID 19: Janta Curfew- Modi’s strategy against COVID 19

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the people of India to volunteer to remain in-door on March 22, what he calls “Janta Curfew”.  This is a self-imposed curfew by the people in which they will stay inside the home from 7 AM to 9 PM on March 22.

As India is up against the Coronavirus attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspired the people of India to resolve to defeat the pandemic with patience and determination. He urged them not to be complacent while fighting against a global pandemic like the Corona and appealed to the people to stay alert and cautious.

He said, “We must all resolve to not get infected ourselves, and prevent others as well from getting infected.”

Prime Minister Modi was addressing the nation on Thursday as Covid 19 -positive cases are emerging fast and in many in the last two weeks. The number of Covid-19 positive cases in India is approaching 200 as of Thursday.

He asked the people to observe social distancing to the best of their effort. To make it a success he advised the people against unnecessary outdoor movements.  People above the age of 65 should refrain from going outside, he emphasized.  He also suggested people try to work from home.

He urged the people not to resort to any panic buying as he reassured that there was no shortage of essential commodities in the country.

The Prime Minister also advised the people to lessen the workload on the hospitals by avoiding avoidable medical visits.

“I thus urge you to as much as possible, avoid going to the hospital for routine check-ups. When necessary, you could get the required guidance over the phone from your known local doctor, family doctor, or some relative who is a doctor. In case you have a non-essential, elective surgery scheduled, I would urge you to postpone it by a month” said the Prime Minister

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