COVID19: Daily case count crosses 9000; Delhi increases its share in total

COVID19:  Daily case count crosses 9000; Delhi increases its share in total

To mark the maximum in a day, India found 9294 new cases of Coronavirus infection on Wednesday.  It crossed 9000-mark in a day, after having over 8000 cases daily for four straight days. And, the total number of cases counted 216919, as the government reported this morning. However, 3804 COVID-19 patients have got well of the disease, taking the tally of cured patients to 104,107. The recovery rate is 47.99 percent.

As many as 6075 persons have died of the infection as of today, 259 in the last 24 hours.

Maharashtra, as usual, with 2560 new cases, contributed the maximum to the yesterday’s count, but the Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and some other states made the number go over 9000. Delhi’s share in the total number cases rose to 1531 on Wednesday, which was 1298 the previous day. Though Delhi witnessed a sudden spurt in the number of cases since May 28, its average daily contribution has been 1145.  In the 7 days before that, it was around 600.

Tamil Nadu added 1296 cases in 24 hours- a number significantly more than it has been adding daily in the last seven days. Assam gave 271 numbers cases, and Haryana 302. The two states were not among the high contributors until they saw an upsurge in COVID-19 cases a week back after hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers returned to their native states. The upsurge of discovered -cases has become a national phenomenon

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