COVID-19: Record 9581 Covid-19 cases in a day in India; total increases to 2.26 lakh

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India tested 9581cases positive of Coronavirus infection in 24 hours, as of Wednesday, taking the total to 2, 26,770. At the same time, 5253 patients came out of the disease cured, but 273 died. Thus, there are 110960 patients; India is dealing with as on the government report came on Friday morning.

The recovery rate of India’s Covid-19 patients has impressively gone up to 48.27 percent, as it counts 109660 now, alongside the growing numbers of infections and deaths.

Maharashtra, which carries one-third of India’s total cases, provided 2951 cases in the last 24 hours. Tamil Nadu followed it with 1384. Delhi’s share in the day’s growth was 1359. Thus 60 percent of the total detected cases yesterday are from these top three states.

Gujarat added 492 cases. This western India state, placed 4th in the list, has been gradually adding to its daily contribution of cases. However, significant numbers have come from states like Haryana, West Bengal, and Assam.

Haryana put on 327 cases to the national tally in 24 hours, and West Bengal 368. But, Assam’s share of 285 in the total increased cases is significant. It happened to be a lowly infected state, till the surge in cases occurred there 12 days back.

Assam has been adding 151 cases an average daily in the last seven days; it was 94 in the preceding seven days. Notably, in the seven days following 15 may, Assam used to contribute only 17 cases a day.

Like Assam, Haryana has also begun to add big in the last 7 days. On May 29, it found 217 new cases in its COVID-19 account and started getting an average of 222 cases daily.

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Some low profile states like Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand are making their contribution of COVID -19 cases noticeable. On June 4, Odisha added 90, while Chhattisgarh added 147. As many as 63 cases came from Jharkhand.

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