Covid-19: India’s single day spike of Covid-19 cases crossed ten thousand.

India, in 24 hours, added 10956 new cases of COVID-19 taking the total count to 297535, as on June 12. It is the highest single-day spike in the numbers of cases. However, India is breaking its record in cases virtually every day. Given the trend, it is only a half jump away from the three lakh mark of COVID-19 cases.

Of the 10956 new cases, Maharashtra has 3607, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi have 1875, and 1877 respectively. The highly infected top three states constitute about two-thirds of the total cases that came in 24 hours. It has been the regular feature, but states did not use to add so many cases earlier, are emerging as significant contributors to the rising numbers. Haryana provided 389 to Thursday’s total count. This north Indian state has been adding more than 300 cases daily for the last 7 days. However, the number used to be less than a hundred before 27 May.

West Bengal is another state that has been gradually increasing its share in the daily count of Covid-19 cases. As many as 440 cases came from West Bengal in the last 24 hours. For the preceding seven days, its daily Covid-19 case count has been 413 on average.

Similarly, Uttar Pradesh had a share of 478 cases in the day’s additions. It was 275 on the previous day. The most populated state in India has seen a rise in Covid-19 cases in the wake of the return of migrant laborers but, the rise has been sharp in the seven days. On June 5, it found 496 positive cases of Covid-19.

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Delhi’s 1877 on Thursday is a big part of the tally to take it above ten thousand.  On June 9, Delhi recorded 1366 cases, the next day it became 1501, and 1877 on Thursday to mark all-time high to date.

India registered 10956 new cases, at the same time it witnessed 6166 Covid-19 patients got well. Thus, total of 147195 Corona patients have recovered posting a rate of 49.47 percent.

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