COVID-19: India’s COVID-19 cases cross 6 lakh, south Indian states increase share

The number of India’s COVID-19 cases crossed 6 lakh after it got 19148 new cases in the twenty-four hours till Thursday. Total confirmed cases now count 604641, of which 226947 are undergoing treatment. As many as 359860 patients have recovered from the disease, while 17834 gave in to the pandemic to date.

As it has been being, Maharashtra’s topped the states with maximum cases to the size of 5537 on Wednesday. Maharashtra is now adding above 5000 cases daily for the last four days. Tamil Nadu stood second in the list with 3882, followed by Delhi with 2442. In the previous three days, Delhi has been recording cases below 3000 a day, which had grown to near 4000 nine days back, posing a threat to the capital’s COVID-19 management system.

Delhi may seem to have somewhat contained the expansion of the disease, but in Tamil Nadu, the disease is continuing to dominate. The daily case count in the south Indian state is now close to 4000. Besides Tamil Nadu, three other south Indian states are experiencing a big spike in cases.  Karnataka found 1272 new cases in 24 hours on Wednesday, the previous day it was 947. The big jump in cases happened in Karnataka when it witnessed 918 cases on 27 June, and the trend began. The following day it got 1267 cases. However, Karnataka used to add cases below 450 before that.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh contributed 1018 and 657 cases respectively to the national tally. The two states, too are experiencing a big hike in daily cases now.


As many as 675 cases came from Gujarat, 564 from Uttar Pradesh, and 611 from West Bengal. The three states are among the top ten highly infected states in India those comprise 85 percent of the total caseload in India.

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