COVID-19: India adds 27114 cases with record spike in 12 states; the new high takes the tally past 8 lakh

India’s total case count of confirmed COVID-19 crossed 8 lakh today as 27114 new cases came up in the last 24 hours. It is the highest rise in cases in a day. The previous best, 26505, had come yesterday. India has been adding cases above 2000 daily for the last nine days, of which five had set records. Corona cases across India now count 8, 22,604.

In today’s record rise of cases, twelve states had their respective highest in a day on Friday. Maharashtra added 7862 as its record, and Andhra Pradesh 1608. The Major states that saw record spike in the day’s cases are Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, among others. However, Tamil Nadu and Delhi continued to be the big source of Coronavirus infection.

Maharashtra, the worst infected state in India, holds about 30 percent of India’s total case count, recorded 7862 new cases on Friday. The spike is a record for Maharashtra that it has broken thrice in three days. On 8 July, Maharashtra got 6603 new infections, the next day 6875.  In Maharashtra, the corona crisis is relenting from what it was threatening two weeks back. But, the situation in Thane and Pune is worsening now. The situation compelled the Maharashtra government to impose shut down in these cities. Similarly, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala are imposing local down.

Uttar Pradesh saw addition of 1338 in new cases on Friday, setting a new record on the daily rise. In the eight days, since Uttar Pradesh saw the big jump in cases on 3 July, cases are growing at a rate of 1109 a day. It used to be below 600 before that.

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Odisha’s corona cases, on Friday, increased by 755, a shocking figure as per its record. However, the daily rise of infection had crossed 500 a week ago. The virus was comparatively tamed in Odisha before the 500s started coming from 3 July. The rise in new cases resulted in a drop in the recovery rate to 63 percent from 72 percent.

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