India’s number of Covid-19 cases increased by 64531taking the overall to 27, 67,273 as on the official data came today, August 19. It is the highest increase in 24 hours since 15 August. However, a record, 60091 patients have got well of the infection during the same time. As many as 1092 infected died of the Covid-19 in 24 hours, which is one among the highest in a day. Hence, India, as of today, has 6, 76,514 active cases under medical care. And, 2037870 persons have recovered.

The daily spike in cases increased today after three days of drops in a row. Yesterday, the rise in new cases counted 55079, lowest in seven days. As 7 of the top 10- case providing states saw a significant increase in cases today, the overall number went that high. Maharashtra, which had 8493 cases yesterday, found 1119 today. Andhra Pradesh added 9652 cases today against its 6780 yesterday. Similarly, Karnataka saw a spike of 7665 cases today. It was 6317 yesterday.

Besides, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar are the other three states where cases are rising rapidly now. Uttar Pradesh recorded 4218 new cases today, and West Bengal 3175. Bihar added 3257, higher by 732 than that of yesterday.

Kerala once came close to Corona –free state is now among the top ten in terms of daily cases. It registered 1758 cases today, which was 1725 yesterday. Overall, 28 states/UTs saw an increase in daily cases today compared to that of yesterday.

The top ten states, in terms of daily cases, bear about 79 percent of the overall national cases came today.

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