COVID-19 cases: total cases in India crossed 4 lakh, record single day spike of 15413.

The number of new Covid-19 cases in India has been increasing day by day. On June 20, it was 15413 against 14516 the previous day. On account of the 15413 new cases, the total numbers of Corona patients in India have gone past 4lakh mark. It counts 410416 as on June 21- when the official report came. For the fifth day in a row, the daily addition of cases is making a new record.

However, 13925 patients have got well of the Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. Thus the overall cured persons to date are 227756. Delhi contributed record 7725 to the day’s numbers of cured patients. Thus the overall recovery rate reached encouragingly 55 percent. Maharashtra has cured 1380 patients in the last twenty-four hours, but states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and some other registered considerable increase in the successful treatment of patients during the day. As many as 535 Covid-19 patients were cured in Gujarat, and 237 in Rajasthan.     Odisha has been getting around 150-160 patients cured daily, but it registered 237 on Saturday.

As far as the pace of Corona -infection in India, it added more than 1 lakh cases in 8 days only. The previous 1 lakh cases came in 10 days. Though the first Covid-19 case appeared on January 30, the number was five on March 2. It took 78 days to reach 1 lakh and the next 1 lakh joined in the account in 19 days.

After the Central government eased COVID-restriction on the commercial and social activities resumed, Covid-19 cases in India caught speed countrywide. But, Delhi witnessed the maximum speed in the growth of cases. On Saturday, the capital city of    India found 3630 new cases- the highest single-day spike. A month ago, it used to add cases less than 500 cases daily, which is above 3000 now.

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