BJP bagged 161 seats in alliance with Shiv- Sena in Maharashtra and 40 seats on its own in Haryana from the general elections held on October 21 for the assemblies of the two states. The BJP combined with Shiv Sena has earned a comfortable majority in the 288- seated Maharashtra assembly, but in Haryana, it ended up six seats shy of a majority.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after the result, has applauded the performance of his party in both the states. He thanked the voters for their support and termed winning confidence and blessing of people after a five- year term in government as unprecedented.

He said that both the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra as well as of Haryana were the first-timers in their responsibilities, yet people of their states selected them for the second term.  That is a mark of public recognition of their work, he said.

He wished successful second term for Devendra Fadnavis in Maharashtra and ML Khattar in Haryana.

But, Shiv Sena’s claims of pie in power have come in the way of Fadnavis’s accession.  Shiv- Sena chief Udhav Thackrey has claimed equal terms with BJP in the government.

Both BJP and Shiv Sena had allied for the 2019 Maharashtra state election with 162 is to 126 formula. BJP came up with 105 seats while Shiv Sena got 56 seats in the 288-membered house.

Soon after the numbers looked settled for the parties at about noon, Shiv Sena came up with a 50-50 power-sharing formula with BJP.

Sharad Pawar’s NCP won 54 seats, while 44 seats went to Congress.

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In Haryana, BJP has clinched 40 seats in the house of 90. Congress finished second with 31 seats. An 11-month party, JJP has bagged 10 seats with having a key role to play in the government formation.


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