Weather forecast refuse to promise solace for the flood hit districts in Odisha.

Utkal Reporter bureau

Bhubaneswar| 18 July 2017

As four districts of Odisha are engaged in a fight with inundation and water logging the meteorological forecast on 17 July for the next 48 hours is ominous.

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted” heavy and extremely heavy “rainfall in parts of Odisha on 17th and 18th of July. The subsequent two days also refuse to promise solace for the people either in the smart cities like Cuttack and Bhubaneswar or in the remote districts like Raygada and Kalahandi,

Heavy rain at a few places with very heavy & extremely heavy falls very likely at isolated places over Odisha, predicts IMD for 17th July while its prediction for 18th is exactly same.

As per the meteorological report the pressure over the Bay of Bengal has been developed to deep depression on Sunday triggering downpour in district of south and coastal Odisha.

The ongoing rescue and relief exercise in the flood affected Kalyansinghpur in Rayagada is confronting with heavy rain leaving 28000 people to deal with an enhanced ordeal.

The shower spates in Cuttack have made the water clearing work challenging in the city.

Nagabali and Kalyan River on Sunday swelled beyond control to wreak havoc in Kalyansinghpur block of Rayagada after heavy rain in the region. As the government report says 50 villages of the Rayagada block and 20 of the Kalyansingh block are severely affected by the flash flood. Thousands of people are marooned.

Flood in the Hati and Tel rivers have also caused damage in seven blocks in Kalahandi district.

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CM Naveen Pattnaik has talked with district collectors of Rayagada, Kalahandi, Nabrangpur and Cuttack on Monday and has asked them to submit preliminary damage assessment report in seven days. He has engaged the state machinery to take on the situation through a coordinated work.

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