Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan reiterates “constitutional crisis”in Odisha.

Bhubaneswar: It is the internal differences in the ruling BJD, said Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan that is appearing up on the surface and predicted more such things to come up there in the time to come.
He reiterated his earlier warning that there is” constitutional crisis like situation in Odish’ as; he remarked Office holders in this government’s system are facing restriction on execution of their responsibility.
Fall of this government is in the offing, said the minister as he added that the people of Odisha have made up their mind against the “inept and inert government of Naveen Patnaik”
Mr. Pradhan made this respond today in Bhubaneswar to a media query on BJD’s comment why Baijayant Panda spoke the language of Dharmendra Pradhan after the former alleged bureaucrats’ influnce on the party affairs.
For the last four days BJD MP Baijayant Panda has been very vocal against his party’s condition. With a perseptible reference to CM Naveen Patnaik’s personal Secretary he, on lashed down that there are officers, forgetting their service code are doing politics and interfering in party affairs and supporting those who indulge in anti-people activities.
This was a disparaging remark on Naveen Patnaik as the leader of BJD with any authority.
Given the impact of Baijayanta Panda’s attack on the status of Naveen Patnaik and its political fallout, the pary chief himself had come out yesterday to counter the attack. He said, “When they have no other issues, they attack my office. This is nothing new; Naveen told this to reporters on Friday the sidelines of a film festival here.

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