The people of Odisha must not subject to pay for our political differences, says Dharmendra Pradhan after Odisha boycotts the Niti Ayog meeting.

Bhubaneswar: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan four days after Odisha skipped the Niti Ayog’s Aspiritional district conference gave a full ear to the Naveen Government with charges that “Odisha government is keeping politics above the interest of the state and people.”

He said that Odisha government has an unfounded political prejudice to give a miss to the conference of collectors of Aspirational districts convened by the Niti Ayog on January 4. People of Odisha deserve answer from Odisha CM “on why his government is opposing PM Narendra Modi’s dream of holistic development of Rayagada, Kalahandi, Kandhmal, Dhenkanal, Bolangir, Koraput and Malkanagiri.” said the Minister who rules the roost in the present Odisha BJP.

The Niti Ayog CEO on November 14,  had communicated to the Chief Secretary of Odisha A.P Padhi about how the 8 districts of Odisha were picked as aspirational districts for inclusive development plan, said Dharmendra Pradhan to the media mentioning that the selection was open for revision by the states;Five states including Karnatak had availed the scope,

The Central Government has selected 115 backward districts from all over India on the basis of specified norms as Aspirational districts subject to complete development through a coordinated exercise of the state and the Center. Center will appoint a Prabhari Officer for a district to guide the district collector in executing plans.

Odisha rejecting the plan had opted to stay away from the meeting of collectors called by the Niti Ayog on January 4. Odisha’s complain is that the Center has not taken it into consideration in the process of selection of districts besides, for Odisha, the application of the Prabhari officer is an intrusion to the state’s affairs.

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Refuting such complaints Dharmendra Pradhan asked the CM of Odisha to reconsider the subject and said, “The people of Odisha must not subject to pay for our political differences.”

Friends those who adorns the best Administrator award should give the proof through works, said the Union Minister referring to CM Naveen Patnaik.




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