Ruling BJD MLA Pravat Tripathy arrested, CBI’s major penetraton into Naveen’s domain

Pravat Tripathy
Pravat Tripathy

BHUBANESWAR: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday arrested ruling BJD legislator Pravat Triparhy “on charge of criminal conspiracy” in connection with Chit Fund Scam. The central investigative agency claims to have enough proof against Tripathy of his dubious link with the AT group Chief Pradip Sethy one of the major players in the 20 thousand Crore chit fund scam in Odisha.

According to the CBI, “Tripathy had received huge sum from the AT group.” The Banki legislator has been under the CBI scanner from the day one since the central agency landed in the state to probe into the Chit Fund scam.

Before CBI gets the lawmaker finally behind the bar on the Friday evening there were two raids on Tripathy’s residences In Banki and Cuttack two months back and five interrogations by the CBI. Tripathy had sought legal protection against any possible apprehension in the hand CBI only to be disappointed as the High Court denied him an anticipatory bail on October20.

In the three month exercise CBI has arrested 11 persons in the scam from the field of media, builder and entertainment. But Tripathy’s arrest is seen as a major breakthrough by the investigating agency, a major penetration into the political domain, particularly of Naveen’s BJD. However BJD has distanced itself from its MLA the very moment Tripathy was arrested.
“Naveen Pattnaik has already placed Mr Tripathy inder suspension” said pary spokesman Pratap Keshari Dev soon after CBI announced the arrest.

Ruling BJD MLA Pravat Tripathy arrested, CBI’s major penetraton into Naveen’s domain

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