Odisha government’s development boasts are just bluffs, said Dharmedra

Utkal Reporter Bureau

Bhubaneswar|29  Dec 2016

Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendr Pradhan said, Mr. Chief Minister is telling lies ; he is busy only in self advertisement.

This remark of Mr. Pradhan came on Tuesday as a reply to what CM Naveen  Pattnaik had said on BJP  while addressing his party men on the occasion BJD’s foundation anniversary.

Mr. Pattnaik had said that some parties were busy in publicity.

Mr. Pradhan and his party BJP has adopted this in Odisha as a strategy to take on Naveen’s government that its development claims are all bluffs.

As political parties are bracing up for the Upcoming Panchayat elections from February 13 to 21 more such word wars are likely to come during the run up.

Dharmendra Pradhan   challenged the government to verify its boasts that it has distributed 10 lac units of pucca houses among the poors in the last two years.” In three years government had constructed 2 lac houses how come it made 10 lac in two years” said the Minister referring  to an assembly reply by the government in 2014 to justify his doubt.

He also posted another allegation that Odisha government has removed’ PradhanManatri’ from the scheme Name ‘Pradhan MantrI Awas Yojan’ to read it ‘Awas ‘ thus to project  the ownership claim on the scheme.

Mr. Pradhan raised the topics of ration card irregularity and chit fund blow on the poor as two other things to attack Naveen Pattnai.

He said, beneficiaries’ list under food security Act has not yet been formed, and added that not a single rupee has not reached the victims though the government has claimed to have stipulated Rs 300 crore for the victims.

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