Odisha government declares load shedding only to receive punch on the face from the oppositions

Utkal Reporter Bureau
Bhubaneswar|14 Sept 2015
Bijay Mohapatra
There came the announcement of power cut from the Odisha Energy Minister and in no time it received punches on its face from the oppositions in the state. BJP termed the announcement “irresponsible and outrageous” while the state Congress held Naveen government responsible for the power crisis.

“There is nothing like a situation of power crisis in Odisha.” said BJP stalwart Bijay Mohapatra, “this is purely a man made crisis”. He charged the government of not having any contingency plan for the emerging situation as he said “to arrange 500-700 MW of power should not be a big deal for the government. It can compensate the power short fall by buying or borrowing power from plants having captive power plants. The state government has stake in those plants”.” But” Mr Mohapatra alleged “instead of asking the claim Naveen government is covering them to sale power outside Odisha.”

“The state government has transmitted a panic wave among the people of Odisha by announcing power cut till June next year” said Mr Mohapatra before the media.”This is only September a long time to go till June how come a government be so irresponsible to announce a black out for such a long period”

“Since 2009 the state government has signed 29 MOUs with power companies but only three have attained functional by now.” Said the BJP leader with his president K.V Singhdeo sharing the press conference and raised question,” What were the MOUs signed for.” Congress President Prasad Harichandan also raised similar questions.

Mr. Harichandan said’” Naveen government is a big failure in the field of industrialization. The current power crisis in Odisha has exposed that his MOU signing spree during the last few years has fallen flat.”

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