Odisha Assembly House Committee to approach President Ramnath Kobind this time on MSP of Paddy

Bhubaneswar: The House Committee of Odisha Assembly will now meet the President of India Ramanath Kobind over Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Paddy.


The Committee had earlier tried to get a meeting happen with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April this year on the issue of Paddy MSP but that did not realise. The committ’s repeated request seeking an appointment with the PM was denied thus animating the political players in the state.


The ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in Odisha has taken up the matter to attack the government in the centre run by BJP, the party that is rising as its formidable challenger in the state.


On Thursday when the house became conducive for business after two spoiled days, there took place a vigorous debate on MSP of paddy in the house. While BJD members made BJP government in the Centre, in fact PM Narendra Modi the punchbag, BJP lashed down on the Naveen Government.

During the debate BJD leaders suggested the house to meet the President this time over the Paddy MSP rather than the PM Modi who had not responded to the earlier request of the House cmmittee. Conresss supported the suggestion. But BJP refused to be with them. BJP had categorically made it clear that they would not support any motion against PM Modi.


Finally the house passed the resolution that the House Committee led by the Speaker Pradeep Amat would seek appointment from the President to present their suggestion on MSP of Paddy. The house in the fresh resolution wanted the MSP of Paddy to be Rs3615. Its earlier demand for MSP of Paddy was Rs 2930

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