Now BJP Bargarh President Narayan Sahu jumps to BJD.

Bhubaneswar: In Bijepur muddling up in the political organisations has refused to cease. Narayan Sahu on Tuesday jumped the fence to be in the BJD camp. Sahu was the incumbent president of BJP’s district unit of Bargarh. He claims, he relinquished BJP for the party’s unthankful ideology. However BJP’s Odisha President Basant Panda in a bid to turn the tables on Sahu he slapped an immediate discharge notice on him

Since Bijepur assembly constituency became free for acquisition following its sitting Legislator Subala Sahu’s death polititical composition there has started breaking away. Subal Sahu who had won Bijepur for Congress three successive terms since 2004, to begin with, his widow Rita Sahu made it to the BJD in September which pushed Ashok Panigrahi to jump out of it to the BJP fold for a better career assurance. Then Ashok’s adoption in BJP did not go down well with some like Narayan Sahu in the party.

Sahu on the very day of Ashok’s inclusion in the party rank had expressed his resentment and had tendered his resignation. The party senior leadership however managed to compose hm then but his tranquility could last only for two months.

On his resignation Mr. Sahu said that he resigned the party with a feeling of suffocation as he blamed, “There is no value of sacrifice in the BJP. I worked in the party from 1997 to 2017 and earned no praise for it.”

But, BJP labels infidelity charges on Narayan Sahu. Its MLA Pradip Purohit has been reported blaming that his party had honored Narayan Sahu by making him district president twice. But he disappointed the organisation; He joined BJD the anti farmer party. By joining BJD, Mr Purohit said, Narayan Sahu has betrayed the farmers in Bargarh.

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He also termed the event as the out come of a deal between BJD and Sahu.  As per BJP spokesman Sajjan Sarma, Sahu might have taken shelter in BJD to escape his son out of a forgery case he is caught in at present.




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