New fishery policy to come up in Odisha, the state will earn Rs 10,000 cr from seafood export

Utkal Reporter Bureau
Bhubaneswar|June 10, 2015
Odisha, as the CM Naveen Pattnaik announced, will soon have a comprehensive fishery policy so that its piscine potential would be exploited optimally. The state would become self reliant on fish and the lacs of fishermen engaged in the sector would be benefitted.
Fish production in Odisha was 4.67 lac tons last year to register an impressive 13 percent increase in that of the previous year.” This is the result of several steps taken by the government in the field of fisheries.”

Seafood export has also gone up by 26 percent last year said the CM while inaugurating a national seminar of fishery. He said that Odisha would cash Rs 10,000 cr in the next five years from seafood export.

There is good scope for marine fishery in Odisha for the presence of its expanded coastline, observed the CM. Scope for sweet water and brackish water fishery is also wide in Odisha. Naveen Pattnaik said Government is working on finalizing a comprehensive fishery policy in the state.

The government has aimed to double the fish production next year through incentives and infrastructural support .From next year Odisha would not depend on neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal for fish and egg said agriculture minister Pradeep Maharathy. He said, to boost fish production four major reservoirs including Hirakud would be used. The National Fresh water Fish Brood Bank in Odisha will make the fisherman avail quality seed. Government is working out the procedure for certification and accreditation of fish seed hatcheries.

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