Naveen’s image only, no one cares for the chit fund victim


BHUBANESWAR: Nov 3. The subsequent events to the arrest of Pravaat Tripathy on the political surface are hits of quite a good numbers of statements from the leaders in politics. Those are just concerned about the image of Naveen Pattnaik, some are there in defence of it and some other are to offend it. All are just like tug of war for the Naeen’s chair that has been in his possession for a long 14 years.
Soon after CBI arrested the senior BJD leader his party spared no time to disown him and the party spokesperson Pratap Dev came out with the statement “His (Pravat Tripathy’s) arrest will have no impact on the Image of the party or of Naveen Pattnaik.”
A day after Cuttack MP Bhartruhari Mahatab appeared in defence of the lawmaker from his disteict and questioned the act of suspension by Naveen Pattnaik as “unjustified and illogical.” But very soon he received discipline lessons from his party colleague Amar Satpathy. And in 24 hours his bravado deflated and he swallowed his words. Understandably he had to retract for the sake of Naveen’s image.
And the opposition parties are excited and exalted at this development. They minced no words to claim the Chief Minister’s scalp. Congress state president Jaydev Jena set a wish to treat his eyes with the sight of more leaders of BJD behind the bar. He said “many other ruling party leaders will soon be arrested as they are directly or indirectly linked to the chit fund scam.”
BJP too cherish such a desire. The party spokesman Sambit Patra said many more from BJD will be booked as his party in the state will speed up the campaign against correption in the state.
So it is Naveen Pattnaik and his image all round where are the gullible chit fund victims?

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