Naveen Pattnaik is not the right person for Odisha’s growth, says Amit Saha.

Utkal Reporter Bureau

Bhubaneswar|8 Sept. 2017


BJP President Amit Saha called his workers in Odisha to root the Naveen government out for the sake of development as he said that with this dispensation odisha could not grow.

H e said, Narendra Modi government in the centre is the power plant of development. The state leadership needs to work shoulder to shoulder with Modi to bring about development in the state. But Naveen Pattnaik is not the right man for that. He is a “defunct transformer” deserves to be thrown out, said Amit Saha during his address to his booth workers in Bhubaneswar on Friday.

“In the 17 years of his reign Naveen Pattnaik has given nothing but poverty, unemployment and migration to Odihsa. “

“Nearly Rs 4 lakh crore has come to Odisha from the Modi government in the center in the last three years” Said Saha and asked where the money had gone to. “Naveen government have to give an account of the money.”

Amit Saha has been In Odisha since September 6 and is having a hectic organisational work out for his mission Odisha 120+. The BJP president after accumulating the unbelievable wins in UP, Uttarakhand and in so many others under his belt envisages 120 seats of his party in the 147-member Odisha assembly.

On the ultimate day of his schedules in Odisha Saha addressed workers from 36000 booths in the state to prepare them for Mission 12+.

Saha said, there is no doubt of BJP’s winning 120 seats in Odisha in the elections in 2019. “Let Naveenji learn counting upto 120. He will see the result at 10.30 on the day.”

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During his speech Mr Saha spared nothing to attack Naveen Pattnaik. He charged Naveen government corrupt. He picked the issue of mining scam for this aim. In the end he stirred Naveen’s alleged handicaped Odia knowledge.

With a perceptible reference to Naveen Pattnaik Mr. Saha said “will they beg apology for not knowing the Odia language and still ruling Odisha.”

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