Naveen announces Rs 3000Cr rural housing plan after Biju Babu

Naneen Pattnaik CM of Odisha
Naneen Pattnaik CM of Odisha
Bhubaneswar:Odisha government on Thursday announced a new housing scheme for the rural areas to see all-pucca- house- villages in the state. The scheme named ‘Biju Pucca Ghar Scheme’ has been launched with an “objective to convert all kachcha houses to pucca houses in the rural areas.” said Chief Minister Navin Pattnaik.
The ongoing rural housing scheme ‘Mo Kudia’ scheme is merged in the new expanded scheme and the current budget allocation of 300 Cr for the scheme will be graduated to 3000 Cr in phases. The scheme will cover those needy persons who have not availed the benefit from the ‘Indira Awas Yojana ‘a star housing scheme of the central government.
“The house under the new scheme will be sanctioned in the name of women of the household,” Patnaik said while indicating that it was the state government’s bid to empower women.
‘Mo Kudia’ was a totally state financed rural housing scheme, launched in 2008-09, under which financial supported to the genuinely needy person who has failed to be a beneficiary in the IAY scheme.

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