Nabakalebara: Badagrahis recordstheir statement before SJTA

Utkal Reporter Bureau|21 June 2015
The four summoned Badagrahis, on Sunday have deposed their statement regarding the blunder in Brahma Parivartan rituals before the court of chief Administrator Suesh Mohapatra of Sri Jaganath Temple Administration (SJTA).

“Action will be taken after studying the statements” said the Chief administrator, “under 21(A) the Sri Jagannath Temple Act 1954”He also added that Vidyapati and Viswabasu of Banajaga yatra and the president and secretary of the Daitapati Nijoga are to appear before the court on 23 June to file their statement.
Following strong reactions from across the state and abroad on the mismanagement of the Brahma Parivartan event the SJTA had issued notices to nine servitors seeking their clarifications on the issue.

Abiding by which four Badagrahis- Nabakishore Pati Mohapatra of Lord Sudarshan, Jagannath Swain Mohapatra of Lord Jagannath, Haladhar Das Mohapatra of Lord Balabhadra and Ramachandra Das Mohapatra recorded their statements today before the chief administrator SJTA at the temple administration office.
At 5 o’clock in the afternoon Nabakishore Pati Mohapatra appeared before the chief administration and faced 38 minutes of interrogation to submit his statement. He was followed by Haladhar Das Mohapatra who spent 35 minutes before the court. Ramachandra Das Moahpatra met 25 minutes of quizzing and finally Jagannath Swain Mohapatra appeared before the court at 6.40 pm to record his deposition.

Unlike it was earlier the Badagrahis seemed to be a bit circumspective when they came across the media after the interrogation. It may be the impact of the decree issued lately by the temple administration to check the tongue of the outspeaking servitors.

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Jagannath Swain Mohapatra who claims to have performed the brahma Parivartan ruled out their being presence of any fifth person in the prohibited Anasara Pinda however he admitted that there was brawl during the process that led to delay of the event. at the same time he observed that it as a trivial matter that a few useless persons are making a issue of which.

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