Modi raises Pipili rape issue in Baripada rally.

Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that girls in Odisha are not safe under the present rule in the state. The government and the administration of here (Odisha) could not give justice to the girl for what had happened to the girl of Puri 7-8 years back.

This, he said in refence to the recent event in which two rape accuseds of the girl from Pipili were acquitted that has induced outcry among the women organizations.

Prime Minister was addressing a huge public rally in Baripada on Saturday.This was his second public address in Odisha in jist ten days.

To attack the running government in Odisha, Modi has preferred to take a very indirect way, in his 25 minutes of electional speech not once did he take directly name either of Naveen Patnaik or of his party BJD, leaving the political observers engage in speculating exercise.

PM Modi’s attitude towards his party BJP’s adversary BJD in Odisha seemed to be contradictory to the attitude what the state unit of his party do have towards BJD.

He disapproved the Odisha government for not participating in the central government’s free medical treatment scheme named Ayushman Bharat and called it to connect with the scheme.

He however was harsh on his attack on Congress as he usually is.

He alleged that the Congress party had let Christian Michel, the recently extradited middleman in the Augusta-Westland helicptor deal to have deep access to defence deals. .

He said, “It can’t be understood if the Congress party had run the government or the court of Uncle Michel.”

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He charged the Congress of disparaging the National Anthem Vande Mataram and the public struggle for Democracy during emergency.

Prior to the public rally, PM Modi had dedicated, inaugurated and laid the foundation stone projects of Rs 4500 crore related to NH, Railways, Gas pipeline and tourism.

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