Mahanadi tribunal: The Supreme Court said the Center did not have a valid purpose to resist the formation of tribunal.

Bhubaneswar: For Odisha, on its fight for the tribunal on the Mahanadi Water dispute, there was something that it would like to listen in the Supreme Court on Monday.

The Supreme Court expressed its disappointment over the way the Center was trying to resist the appointment of the Tribunal without a “valid purpose”. And directed the Center to make its intention clear on the matter in three weeks otherwise the Court would hear the case on merit.

The Apex Court said “We do not see any valid purpose in you (Centre) resisting the appointment of tribunal,” It refused to be convinced with the Center’s point- Odisha’s avoiding the negotiation mechanism as the reason for its opting against the tribunal.

The Court said that Odisha’s not participating in negotiation meant that the mechanism had failed as it questioned the Center if it meant that a tribunal can’t be formed because Odisha did not come for negotiation.

The Center earlier on October 9, had committed before the Supreme Court to issue notification for constittion of tribunal before it offered a differnt option through another submission on December 5.

The Center supports the negotiation way to resolve the issue between Odisha and Chhatisgarh over Mahanadi Water. So does Chhatisgarh. But on the Contrary Odisha wants the issue to be placed in the tribunal for resolution.

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