How Odisha, Bihar, Kerala, adds to the India’s tally of COVID-19 patients yesterday,

For straight seven days, India registered above 6000 cases of COVID-19 on May 27, taking the total number of cases to 158,333. A day before, India had crossed a 1.5 lakh mark of COVID-19 patients. It took India only eight days to get the last 50 thousand patients.

As on May 28, when the official report came at 8.30 AM, India had found 6566 new COVID-19 patients in its account with Maharashtra contributing 2190. Maharashtra’s share in the daily addition of patients has been more than 2500 for the seven days, but many other states have started increasing their contribution to the total. A record 792 cases came from Delhi in the last 24 hours, marking the maximum since its first case emerged in March.  At present, Delhi, with 1529, stands third in the list of states with infections. The average per-day growth has increased to around 550 cases in Delhi in the last seven days, but it recorded 792 cases in 24 hours.

Besides Delhi, Tamil Nadu added 817 cases. The south Indian state is gaining huge numbers every day, particularly after May 3, when the COVID restrictions were relaxed. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh are the other significant provider with above 200 cases to national tally yesterday.

The highly infected states, as obvious, are giving big, but for the last seven days, many frugal states have been adding significantly to the numbers of COVID-19 patients. It has happened in the wake of the relaxed restriction measures and the massive movement of migrant laborers across the country.

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Odisha has been very tight in supplying numbers to the national tally of the COVID-19 patients until it added 51 patients on May 8. And, the big numbers have been coming since then. Yesterday, Odisha added 76 new patients to the tally. A day before yesterday, it was 79; and 102 on Tuesday. ,

Assam is another state whose numbers of patients are gradually increasing now, though it had effectively reduced its active cases to the single-digit in the first week of May. The north-east state has now 693 active cases. In the last 24 hours, it got 101 cases.

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